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Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project

New Mexico

The Center for Applied Spatial Ecology with the New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit participated in the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project (SWReGAP). This project is a cooperative project between five of the Southwestern states including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.  Our approach, although similar to the original New Mexico Gap Analysis Project of a few years ago, focused on the region instead of strictly adhering to political boundaries.

Land Cover

The provisional land cover map has been created. 

Animal Habitat Modeling

Provisional final Animal Habitat Models are available.  

Land Stewardship

Provisional land stewardship for New Mexico is available.

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March 2006


NM Mapping Zones
Training Sites (2001)

Training Site Information:

Training Site Protocol
Vegetation Field Form
Protocol Alliance Photos
Chihuahuan Alliances Document
Albedo Chart


Ken Boykin
Co-Principal Investigator/Project Coordinator

Gary Roemer
Co-Principal Investigator
(505) 646-3394
Scott Schrader
GIS/RS Imagery Specialist
(505) 646-5022
Andrea Ernst
Regional Land Stewardship Coordinator
Suzi Propeck-Gray
Habitat Modeling
Please submit any questions or comments to: kboykin@nmsu.edu