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  Land Form This is a 10 class dataset that was created using slope and aspect.
  Hydrology In SWReGAP we used distance to hydrologic features (springs, lakes, wetlands, streams) as datasets.  Models used either "and" hydrology (landcover within hydrology distance) which was an overlay or an "or" statement (land cover and hydrology). 
  Model The representation of the habitat model which describes the predicted habitat of the species within the known range of the species. Spatial Depiction of the model.
  Range The known range extent of the species as defined by 8-digit HUC (hydrologic unit code). Each HUC was coded based on  Range Coding
  Report Textual model describing the background used to derive the model and the relationships used within the model.  The report also identifies citations used to build the model.
  Wildlife Habitat Relationships A statement describing resources and conditions present in areas where a species persists and reproduces or otherwise occurs.  Relationships can be modeled to predict habitat composition, and if the relationships are represented in a cartographic plane they can predict the presence of habitat spatially. 

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