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To Bulk download 30-m data use  username GapData and password {your email address}  Data in grouped by ITIS CODE. 

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ITIS Sub Model Common Name Scientific Name Taxa Group 240-m 30-m gmd
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ITIS=ITIS code for the species

Sub=Distinguishes submodels such as breeding or migratory if used.
Common Name=Common name used in SWReGAP project
Scientific Name=Scientific name used in SWReGAP project
Status = Indicates where model is in review process
Taxon  Group=Taxon groupings of species by A=amphibians, B=birds, M=mammals, and R=reptiles)
240-m = 240 meter model-zipped (WinZip 9.0)
30-m= 30 meter model-zipped (WinZip 9.0)
gmd = Erdas Imagine graphical model

For additional comments or questions contact
Ken Boykin