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Expert Review Packet - PDF of background, purpose, model documents, model attributes, and range coding.

Documents to be reviewed: Pdfs of these documents can be obtained from the website  Search for your species.

  • Range by HUC
  • Model report
  • Spatial depiction.

Review form

  • Example form
  • For reviewers that want to submit reviews as hard copies, forms in pdf format can be downloaded from SWReGAP Habitat Review Form.pdf.  Please submit one form for each species reviewed.

Additional pdf maps:

Document explaining modeling constraints, databases, and fields.


  • HUCs (Hydrologic units) were used to identify species ranges.  The intent of the HUC was to constrain the habitat model.  In some cases the HUC-depicted range can extend well beyond the known range of the species .
  • HUC range coding definitions are available at:


Model Approach

  • We take a Boolean approach to modeling with those areas that contain all the model attributes selected identified as being suitable.
  • In some cases we also include “or” statements such that if attribute A or attribute B is present than the habitat is identified as suitable.

Regional Approach

  • We are working on regional models, thus that we focused on datasets that were available for the 5-state study area.  Our intention is that the end-user can modify our models for a subset of the study area if needed.
  • List of available modeling attributes and descriptions can be found at


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