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A dichotomous key for categorization of biodiversity management status of land units. In
using the terms "permanent" and "legally enforceable" we recognize that all conditions
are subject to change, even in wilderness and national parks, but the intent is for the
condition to be of very long term. Graphical Depiction of Key.

A-1: If the management intent can be determined through agency or institutional
documentation GO TO A-2, if not, GO TO A-5

A-2: If the land unit is subject to statutory or legally enforceable protection from
conversion to anthropogenic use of all or selected biological features by state or
federal legislation, regulation, private deed restriction, or conservation easement
intended for permanent status, GO TO B-1; if not, GO TO A-3

A-3: If ecological protection is not legally enforceable, temporary, or lacking but
managed by a plan intended for permanent status, GO TO A-4; if not, GO TO

A-4: Management to benefit biological diversity is provided by a written plan in
place or in process under an institutional policy requiring such management -
Status 3

A-5: Not subject to an adopted management plan or regulation that promotes
biological diversity, or management intent is unknown - Status 4

B-1: If the total system in the land unit is conserved for natural ecological function
with no more than 5% of the land unit in anthropogenic use, GO TO B-4; if
conservation provisions apply only to selected features or species, GO TO B-2

B-2: If management emphasizes natural processes including allowing or mimicking
natural ecological disturbance events, but also allows low anthropogenic
disturbance, renewable resource use, or high levels of human visitation on more
than 5% of the land unit - Status 2; if not, GO TO B-3

B-3: Management allows intensive, anthropogenic disturbance such as resource
extraction, military exercises, or developed or motorized recreation on more
than 5% of the land unit, but includes ecological management for select features
- Status 3

B-4: If management strives for natural processes including allowing or mimicking
natural ecological disturbance events - Status 1; if not, GO TO B-5

B-5: Managed for natural processes, but some or all disturbance events are
suppressed or modified - Status 2